Service Contracts

As part of Apollo Doors Ltd on-going commitment, we offer customers a range of contracts to service and maintain door/barrier stock the contract can be tailor made to meet individual business requirements.

Please contact Apollo Doors sales team for further information and a free no obligation quotation.

Roller Shutter Maintenance

All roller shutters (other than push up shutters) are classed as a machine in the machinery directive and as such have the following carried out:

  1. Each shutter to be identified and clearly marked.
  2. Regular inspection of the complete door including a fall arrest system in place with records issued and kept.
  3. All non-compliance issues highlighted including both minor repairs and major repairs

All the above would comply with regulation 5 of the workplace regulations 1992 and the machinery directive 2005.

Fire escape doors:

All fire escape doors should be checked for operation on a weekly basis by the staff and a proper inspection carried out to ensure correct operation and correct hardware is fitted and in good order with identification and recordings kept all to comply with BSEN 179.

Automatic sliding and swing doors:

Should be regularly inspected and have closing forces measured, safety systems checked, and overall condition identified with records kept, all checked to comply with BSEN 16005.

Dock leveller:

Should be inspected regularly and include for testing safety devices, oil leaks and levels, cleaning out of any debris and checked for condition, identified and records kept all to comply with BSEN 1398.

Electric barriers:

Should be regularly checked with spring balance check along with all safety features to ensure correct operation identified and records kept to BSEN 12453.